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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Youth Academy Class 04 meeting


On Wednesday 28-May the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy held their first staff meeting to start preparing for the Academy Class #04 which will be held in July. The meeting was a chance for the director Sgt. Craig Lynch, and program coordinator Anna Ferris to bring their staff up to date on what will expected of them for the upcoming class. There was also a segment where staff and directors offered up suggestions on how to keep the Academy moving forward in their effort to keep the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy one of the premier programs in the State of New Jersey.
It was announced that Class #04 will consist of 52 Cadets. There is an equal numbers of Female & Male Cadets in this year’s class. There are 12 returning Cadets coming to Class #04. It was explained that the Academy always tries to accommodate as many first time Cadets as possible. It is also is highly unlikely that any one Cadet will again be able to attend all three years of eligibility. Sgt. Lynch did go on to say that if a student applies for all three years of eligibility, they would be assured that they would be accepted to at least one Academy Class.
Sgt. Lynch did announce that any Academy Graduate would get priority status to participate in the Academy’s Internship program when they are going into their Junior & Senior years of High School, which takes place each year during the academy. (See Below for Further information)
A total of 119 Students applied to be in Class #04, due to the nature of the Academy’s program they were limited in the number of Cadets they are able to accept. Each year the number of applicants has grown, and the choice to pick the 52 Cadet gets even more difficult. The limited number of returning Cadets are chosen based upon their past Academy tours of duty where a leadership quality was noted and it is hoped to be furthered during their second Academy training. This is yet another obstacle faced by Sgt. Lynch and Miss Anna in the difficult decision on who to accept into class #04.
The Instructors were also informed of some changes that will be made in the activities of Class #04. The final schedule has not been announced yet.
The fee for the Class 04 of the Academy will be $65 per Cadet. The fee is due at the Parent Orientation. The Academy does offer scholarship programs for the Families of Cadet who need assistance. To find out more please contact Sgt. Lynch or Miss Anna directly at bpesya@outlook.com. 
The length of the duty day will be to 8 1/2 hours running from 7:30a to 4:00p.
Also at this meeting Ms. Ferris discussed what the Academy would like to have in order to help them operate for the two weeks while the Academy is in session. She expressed the need for basic supplies, & materials. Her hope is to have donated gift cards from department and grocery stores to help meet the needs of the Academy. There is basic need for water jugs that will fit a standard water cooler. Energy drink powder mixes, healthy snack, and energy bars. Medical and first aid supplies are also a major need for the Academy. “Luxury” items mentioned were window air conditioners to be used for the class rooms used for lecture portions of the program.
It is hoped that the air condition in the Bogota High School Gym will be working before the Academy’s Orientation Day in 11-July. One of Sgt. Lynch’s needs is to find qualified female instructors for the Academy. With a 50% split of Female and Male Cadets in each class there is a great need to have a more equal mix of female-to-male instructors for each class. This would serve both the purpose of having strong female role models for the Cadets to look up to, and also to allow the families of the female Cadets to feel more comfortable that their daughters will be supervised by both men and women. All applicants for the staff position need to have a Military, or Law enforcement background. Any individuals looking to apply should be highly motivated to help others succeed, along with being able to work well with, and help teach children of Middle School years.
Production Interns are always needed to help with the operational running of the Academy. At this time it would be a non-paying position open to High School or College Students looking for additional community service credit. The main job of an Intern will be to assist in the video recording of the two weeks of Class #04. Some other duties would include, but are not limited to, general office & clerical work, organizing, purchasing, and distribution of supplies to Cadets and staff, along with helping preparing for and cleaning up after a typical Academy day. All applicants for the Intern position should also be highly motivated to perform their duties within Academy guidelines, as well as to be able to solve any problems that may arise in a typical Academy day.
Any person interested in either of the positions, or wanting to have more information on how to help support the Academy through contributions or donations please contact Anna Ferris at bpesya@outlook.com or visit their web site at. www.bpesya.com
The Parent Orientation dates are Wednesday 11- June at 7:00p and a againon Saturday 14- June at 11:00a. Both meetings will be held in the Bogota Senior Center located on the Second Floor above the Bogota Public Library located at 375 Larch Ave Bogota, NJ. It is mandatory that a Parent or Guardian of each Cadet attend one of the two meetings for that Cadet to participate in the Academy.
The dates of Class #04 will begin with Orientation Day on Friday 11-July. Then normal duty week will be from Monday 14-July to Tuesday 22- July with the weekends off.
Graduation will be held on Tuesday 22- July starting at 7:00p at the Steen School Gym.

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