Thursday, June 19, 2014

Wax Museum & Bogota Beautiful

19- June-2014
   On  Wednesday 18-June the Third Grade Class of Steen School held their Wax Museum. The Students needed to recreate the person they had been reading about over the past few weeks. Each Student was given the choice who they wanted to read about.  Instead of just doing a book report on their subject  Person the Students needed to create a costume representing what they look like, and be able able to give three facts about that person's life. Then the Students were brought out to the Steen  Garden and placed in their positions.  When the Guest to the Museum arrived they had a large variety of " Statutes" to pick from. Some of the subject  available to look at were Presidents & other political include Barack Obama, Abraham Lincoln, & Thomas Jefferson, along with Eleanor Roosevelt. Sports figures from Michelle Kwan, Roberto Clemente, & Jessie Owens. Other historical figures include, Rosa Parks, Anne Franks, Coretta Scott King, to Neil Armstrong, George Washington Carver, & Paul Reeve. When the guest pushed the "button" the Statute came alive to tell the visitor one of their facts. Then with additional push of the button, more fact were revealed.  This was a chance for follow Student and Family guest to watch History come alive.

Ms. Longo (L) listening to Barack Obama

 Neil Armstrong telling other Student about the Moon landing

Ms. Piano learning about Eleanor Roosevelt.

Ms. Nichols about to activate Anna Franks

Mr. Rochford going to Neil Amstrong..

..then Paul Reeve

Ms. Piano listening to George Washington Carver

   Also on Wednesday Bogota Beautiful held their monthly board meeting. The final cost of the eight planters now on W. Main St came in a few hundred dollars over budget, this was pick-up by members of Bogota Beautiful. It was announced that several local group are working to oversee maintenance of the planters. The Steen Garden Club, the High School Green Team, and youth members from St.Joseph's Church are working with Bogota Beautiful  to help take care of the planters. This will including watering, &  pruning of the flowers, cleaning the pots themselves clean, and basic cleaning of the area around the planters. Bogota Beautiful also announced that for $200/year an individual, group, or business can sponsor a planter. The cost will go to help with the cost of upkeep, and the replacement of the flowers on a seasonal basis.  Bogota Beautiful is also asking for input on where the next planters should be placed, they are hoping to start on E. Main St and along Palisade Ave. They also are planning their next project in cooperation with the Bogota High School Art Dept to paint the Superstructure of the Graf  Bridge that carries Main St. over the Railroad tracks.
For more information on Bogota Beautiful, or how sponsor a planter please visit their website at or email them at

The Superstructure of the Graf Bridge which Bogota Beautiful wants to repaint.

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