Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Candidate Orientation


    On Sunday 7-Dec the contestants for the Miss Bogota 2015 held their Orientation meeting to hear about what the goals of the Pageant are. The Young Ladies, and their Families listened to  find out that one of the purposes is to be more than just a beauty contest. Marianela Santana  told the attendees  that the goals of Miss Bogota is to promote the Borough of Bogota as one Community. There will be opportunities during the next several Months to show the Candidates the importance Community involvement and Volunteering to help others. There will also be an event that will help the contestants on etiquette, manners, and personal appearances. 
   The Candidates, and their Families also learn of the responsibilities, and experiences  they are expected to  share, with one another, during the course of the Pageant.  They were also asked to help sell tickets to Miss Bogota 2015 events. The proceeds from these sales will help fund the Pageant as well as contribute to the awards that the winning Candidates will receive. Some fundraising events are a Pancake Breakfast on Sunday 14- Dec. and the Talent show on Saturday 17- January 2015. Other events may be added in the future. The Families were informed that any new event will tried to be scheduled in a way that will not overburden the Candidates or their Families.  
   Another itemed mentioned was that the Judges for Miss Bogota will be a panel of Volunteers from people who are not residents of Bogota. The Committee feels this is important to know so that there are not any personal preferences toward any one Candidate.
   The Candidates were told of what is to be expected of the Pageant winners. Title holders for 2015 will be required to   represent the Pageant and the Borough of Bogota at a number of Public events such as Bogota Day, Memorial Day & Fourth of July Parades, and the Borough Tree Lighting. 
  The Candidate had it explained to them  that they should approach the Pageant as an opportunity to grow as a person, make new friends, and share in the experience of being from Bogota. 

  The first event will be a  Pancake Breakfast at the Bogota Recreation Center from 8:30a to 12:00 noon. This is a fundraiser for the Miss Bogota 2015 Pageant.  Tickets will be $8.00 for Adults, $ 5.00 for children under 12 with a Family of 4 for $20.00.  The Bogota Recreation Center is located at 162 W. Main St.  Bogota, NJ

 (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

Over the weekend the Bixby PTA held a clothing drive to to help support the 2015 Sixth grade class.

 On Friday 19-Dec the Bixby School will host a  Winter Dance in the Bixby Gym.  All  5th & 6st grade students from Bixby, Steen , and St.Joseph's school are welcomed to attend. Cost is $5 to be paid at the door. The dance is schedule to start at 7:00p and go until 10:00p . It is asked that any Student wishing to attend the dance must have a signed permission slip when entering and a name and contact number provided of the person picking up the Student at the end of the evening.  The Bixby Gym is located on Maplewood Ave  Bogota, NJ

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