Friday, December 19, 2014

Winter Concert

19- Dec.-2014
   On Friday 18- Dec. the Fine Arts Dept. of Bogota High School presented their Winter Concert for 2014. Attendees were greeted by the sounds of the Flute Ensemble as they entered the Auditorium. The Jazz Band lead of the evening with a trio of Holiday standards. The Choir program took a welcome change to Holiday Concerts by performing selections from the music "Grease". They Woman's Choir opened with " Beauty School Dropout" They were met with the Men's Choir  singing "Greased Lightin", with the full Choirs finishing with " We Go to Together" After their performance the Senior Choir members presented Ms. Hughes with some gifts.
   The Concert Band  performed the second half of the evening with Christmas & Hanukkah songs. During their " Fantasy on Good King Wenceslas"  Emily Adia & Joslyn Camilo had flute solos. Maria VanTine also performed a solo on Piccolo. When the Senior's presented Mr.McCann with his gift one that had share with the Audience was a Long Playing Record (LP) from a school concert from 1959.

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