Sunday, December 7, 2014

Chief Elections

7- Dec.- 2014
    On  Saturday 6- Dec. the Bogota Volunteer Fire Dept. held its annual Chief Elections. For 2015 the Bogota Fire Chief will be Michael Brophy from Ladder Co. #01. The new Deputy Chief will be August Greiner from Engine Co. #03 and the new Battalion Chief will be Joe DiMauro of Engine Co. #01. Former Chief James Berthold thanked the Women & Men  Bogota Fire Dept. for their work and professionalism in serving the Citizens of Bogota. He also asked the the Borough Council consider the need to replace , or refurbish the truck for Hose Co. #02 now that it is the oldest  vehicle of all the Emergency Service equipment use by Bogota. The Captains and Lieutenants for the Bogota Fire Dept. were also sworn in by Commissioner Robbins.
   Former Chief James Berthold was presented with an honour from the Fire Commission Rob Robbins & Mayor Chris Keleman for his year of service. Chief Berthold was also a given a photo mural of his year as Chief and a Firefighter black helmet to replace his Chief's White one. Other awards given were for the Company of the Year to Hook & Ladder # 01. Along with Ken O'Donnell being named Firefighter of the Year.  Father Tim Graff of St. Joseph's Church was present with his own Chaplain Helmet, and Ara Toutounjian of Rainbow Cleaners was given a plaque in appreciation of the work he does to help keep the Dept. turnout uniforms in working condition.
  The Bogota Fire Dept.  along with the Rescue and First aid Squads are all
volunteer organizations.  For more information about volunteering please to to  or call; 201-342-1736 ext. 2007. 

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