Monday, December 15, 2014

Class 04 The movie

15- Dec.-2014

 On Saturday 13- Dec. the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy premiered the movie of  BPESYA Class 04.  The showing was in the Auditorium of Bogota High School and was attended by Graduates representing all of the previous classes.  A number of  Instructors and some of the 2014 interns joined the Family and Friends of the Graduates.  Bogota Police Captain James Sepp  welcomed the audience to the premier and talked about how the Police Dept is proud to be apart of the Academy, and is pleased about its growth as one of the finest Youth Academy in the State of New Jersey.  Anna Ferris the Academy's Program Coordinator explained what the Cadets had gone through during their ten days in July and how the film reflexes their experience at the Academy. She introduced the Top Cadet from the last three Classes and talked about  how the decision to pick just one Cadet  for top honour is becoming harder because the Cadets themselves are working harder each year of the Academy. She also introduced some of the instructors who were about to attended. Ms. Ferris then took one more moment to acknowledge Rey Sanchez  for his work in producing this movie. Program Director Sgt Craig Lynch was then introduced to again remind the Family and the Cadets themselves of how hard they have all worked to make  the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy the successful program that it is.
    Anyone wishing to purchase a copy of this movie can contact the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy at: cost is $10.00  Other BPESYA merchandise is also available for purchase with all process going to Class 05 in the Summer of 2015. For more information about the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy please visit their website at:

Another fundraiser is the Holiday Light Show by BPESYA Technical Coordinator Rey Sanchez. Mr. Sanchez, who has produced the movies of Class 03 & Class 04, has created a light show at his house at 228 Walnut  Ave, Bogota, NJ It will run from 6:00p to 11:00p until New Years Eve. There will be extended hour the week of Christmas. The light show is link to a soundtrack that can be heard on 90.1 FM.  There is a collection box that will accept donations with all process going to Class 05   the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy.


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