Saturday, December 6, 2014

Shakespeare Revisited

6- Dec-2014
   On Friday 5- Dec. the Drama Club of Bogota High School presented their Fall production of "Shakespeare Revisited" This was three adaptations of classical Shakespeare play set in modern time. The action was overseen by the Ghost of William Shakespeare who wanted to find out if his work is still being performed.  The three products were  "Taming of LaRue" set in the Old West. "Miss  Beth" about a power struggle within the world of competitive Cheerleading. And " A Midsummer Night  in the O.C." about finding love in a beachfront community.
    They  will perform the second and final night  on Saturday 6- Dec. curtain time at 7:00p, and will take place in the High School Auditorium.  Tickets are $7.00 for Adults & $5.00 for Students and Seniors. The High School is  located at 2 Henry Luthin Pl. Bogota , NJ.

 (it is asked that while attending this event you  inform them that you saw it on Bogota Blog NJ)

William Shakespeare coming back to see about his plays

"Taming of LaRue"

" Miss Beth"

" A Midsummer Night in the O.C."

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