Sunday, January 18, 2015

Miss Bogota 2015 Talent Show

18- Jan.-2015

    On Saturday night 17- Jan the Miss Bogota 2015 Pageant held their Talent Show in the Auditorium of Bogota High School. This was combined with a Fashion Parade to show the individual style of each Candidate. The Candidates in the Little Miss Bogota division showed  whimsy with their costumes with some of the designs being inspired by the Winter season, while other were more in a "Princess at the Ball" style.  The older Candidates in both the Miss Teen  Bogota & Miss Bogota chose a  more elegant & clean evening wear look.
   The Talent Show phase of the evening consisted of performances ranging of Dance numbers & twirling  routines to Singing & the songs played on the Piano.  A large and enthusiastic audience voice their approval, and encouragement to all the performers.  After the final performance there was an intermission as the Judges made their decisions.
   During the intermission there was a moment for the Candidates  to relax while wanting for the results. What happened during this time would show that this Pageant is more about sharing the experience of community involvement than winning or losing. With the Curtain closed, and music playing, the Candidates, with their Advisors, started an impromptu dance party.  The Curtain quickly open to expose the dancing, and Candidates scurrying for cover. When the Curtain close the dancing started again, but when the Curtain reopened the Candidates were allowed to stay in full view and give an unscheduled performance for their Family and Friends. When the votes were tallied the Curtain was closed again and the business of the Pageant processed.
   The Awards were given out to the top Candidate in each of the three categories. The first awards given was for the Candidates who had the highest ticket sales for the evening. The next was for the the Fashion Walk and style.  Jayla Nuesi won for Little Miss Bogota, Tiffany Alvarez won for Miss Teen Bogota, while Yazmine Alvarez won for Miss Bogota.  The final awards was for the Talent part of the evening. Yazmine Alvarez won for Miss Bogota, Carmen Cruz won as Miss Teen Bogota, and for the Little Miss Bogota there was a co- winner of Talia Luciano and Jaya Nuesi.
  This evening events will be part of the consideration of who will be selected as the winner in the Miss Bogota 2015 Pageant.
  The next event is a Fundraiser Bowling night at Bowler City in Hackensack. This will take place on Saturday 7- February from 3:00p-5:00p. Cost will be $12.00 for bowling along with shoe rentals. It is encourage to purchase tickets from a favorite Candidate.

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