Friday, January 9, 2015

Bogota Basketball


    On Thursday 8-Jan the Bogota Bucs Basketball teams play against Palisades Park. The Lady Bucs traveled to Palisades Park  and came away with a 12-22 loss. Their next game will be at Home in Speary Gym  against Emerson, It is scheduled to have a 4:00p tipoff.
   The Boys Team played in Speary Gym and maintained a lead for most of the game. Bogota found their scoring early with consecutive three points baskets. The Tigers did find a way to tie the game late in the first quarter, but Bogota was able to build a six point lead after 8 minutes. Bogota took a 29-24 point into halftime. At the start of the third quarter Bogota kept the pressure on Palisade Park and limiting them to only two point by way of free throws. The Bucs themselves score 13 points, and then controlled the rest of the time to give them their second win of the season.  Anthony Ovalle had a game high 20 points with 4 three points baskets, also ,the most in the game.
   Bogota next travels to Emerson on Tuesday for a 7:00p start.

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