Sunday, July 26, 2015

Black Friday part 1


    On Friday 25-July the Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy  held it's " Black Friday"  duty day. This is series of physical, mental, and emotional challenges  to test the Cadets. In a departure from their regular duty day the Cadets had a half day of class work, then were discharged until the evening. After re-reported for duty the Cadets were taken to Darlington Park near Mahwah. Here the Cadets of Class 05 would undergo a series exercises in order to test what they have learned in the previous day at the Academy.  This was again separated into two different parts. The Cadets started off by doing  field work to test their strengths with sit ups, running in a pattern, leg exercises and calisthenics. At a few stations, in order to pass,  they needed to focused on teamwork and communications. One station was a " Human Knot" which they needed to  work  together in order to solve, and another was the  "Human Table" in which multiple skills of teamwork, communications, and strength all had to be use for success.
     The other half of the field work was showing the first aid skills they had learn from  the Bogota First-Aid Squad. A victim would needed  securely tie onto a backboard in order to be evacuated to the far side of the shed they used as their base camp. This had to be done as quickly as possible  with the knowledge that the safety of their fellow Cadet playing the victim was in their hands. The evacuated route took the rescuers around two corners of the building and along a paved walkway which , if not done correctly could results in additional injuries to the victim.  Halfway on their route the rescuers had to stop and work to perform CPR a on a training mannequin each member of the team ( except the victim) needed to do this in the least amount of time, and continue with their rescue. Another group of Cadet were at a station where they needed to perform successful CPR , on a mannequin in a set amount of time.
   When all these test were completed the Cadets reformed into their four squads to rehearse, and perfect  their short order drills which will highlight their listening, and obeying of command skills.   The Cadets were give time to rest and rehydrate before moving to the next series of test.

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