Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Fire Dept. Day

      On Monday 27-July The Bogota Police Emergency Service Youth Academy duty day consisted of  fire safety training. Cadets were marched down Main st to the W.Broad St. Firehouse to learn about some basic Fire procedures. A " Smoke House" was brought in from the Hackensack Fire Dept. to give the Cadets a real time look into what would happen with a fire in an enclosed space. Cadet were how smoke fills a room and why it is important to get as low as possible in order to safely leave a smoke filled room.
   Cadets were shown, then do, the way to ascend the aerial ladder on Hook & Ladder Truck Co. #1 vehicle. Cadets climb their way to the top of Police headquarters to experience being on the ladder when it is deployed.  From the most modern of equipment the Cadets then learn some of the first firefighter techniques by forming a bucket brigade  from the street to a rooftop near the station.
   The Cadets then returned to their Squads to a Fire fighter version of a tug of war.  In this two opposing Squads face each other with hoses. There goal was to move a barrel suspended, on a cable, to the other side.  The barrel could only be moved by using the water from their hoses. Squad leader were placed in charge to direct their members to aim the hose for victory.

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