Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rescue Day part 2


    The second part of the  Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy's  Rescue duty day focus on water based emergencies.  The Cadets went through two stations to learn how to assist a victim who has is in a body of water.  With  Bogota's Western Border being the Hackensack River,  and proximity to  lakes and the Atlantic Ocean Cadet had an opportunity  to experience what is needed to perform in that type of emergency. A group of Cadets were sent to the high board of the swim club and had to jump in the water.  Their follow Cadets needed to perform a rescue by throwing a life preserver to the victim and pulling them safely to shore.  Other lessons the Cadet had a chance to learn from this exercise were of a secondary nature, but just as important. This was an exercise to build up trust in the fellow Cadets knowing that each member of the team will do what is necessary  to insure the safety of the other.  Another lesson  was to overcome one's fear enable to perform the task that  is needed.  Not all the Cadets were comfortable in jumping into the water from that height, but at times it may be the only option.  The Cadets who were apprehensive  were given support by the others from the crowd. And even were aided by Miss Anna in order to show how using trust and overcoming one's fear will help grow a person's character. 
   The other session was to learn the basic of SCUBA diving. This help teach the Cadets how to move in and unfamiliar environment with confidence.  

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