Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Firearms Safety

   On Tuesday 21- July the Bogota Police Emergency Services Youth Academy's duty day was dedicated to the education of the Cadets in firearm safety. They started the day with class work about the different types of firearms there are. The Cadets also learn the lesson of if there is an unoccupied firearm  anywhere the first thing that should be done is not to touch it. This is so that  the person finding it will not add one's fingerprints to the weapon. The most important reason is that just by looking at a weapon one can not determined if it is loaded or not.  Even the slightest touch could cause the weapon to discharge. The best course of action is to move away from the weapon , and a Police Officer, or at last a trusted Adult  to handle the situation.
   Another lesson was what to do about being approached by anyone waiting them to work for. or even join a street gang. Again removing one's self from the area and contacting the Authorities is the safest thing to do.
    The Cadet were also part of a simulated raid by the Bergen County Police Dept. SWAT team.  A  "flash -bang" was set-off  to cause a distraction while officer rushed in to subdue the suspects. After the scene was secure the Officers then talked to the Cadet about  what had just happened and how they are trained for  different type of situation. Later the Cadets were taken to the back of the High School to look at some of the equipment they use include their combat vehicle  the bear.

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