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     On Sunday 12- July Bogota Beautiful organized at cleaning of the small lot at the corner of W.Main St & Larch Ave.  Volunteers from Bogota including members of  Bogota Rescue Squad, a couple members of Borough Council, and residents from the neighborhood  took time on Sunday Morning to help brighten up a part of the Borough.  What they work on is a small patch of greenery that is located on the South-east between the sidewalk and the parking lot for the Apartment building their. Bogota Beautiful contacted property owner Peter Thanasoulis with an offer to clean-up this area. Mr. Thanasoulis work with the group and agreed on a plan for the site.  They began by cleaning up the trash & other debris for the area. The then moved to start working on an old tree towards the back of the site. This was worked on with a large portion of dead wood removed and the the branches trim. A large ground  mat was removed and replace with fresh soil and mulch, then  old paving stones donated by  Wayne  Sorge of the Rescue Squad were placed in a ring in act as a frame for a future planting to help bring more colour to the site. Hedges along the sidewalk were trimmed, or removed, which opened up the sidewalk more. 
    The existing  bushes were trimmed and had the ring of fresh soil bug around their base to help with watering , and growth. A new Lagerstroemia plant was added to add colour to the site. This type of plant should flower in the Summer & Autumn bringing a refreshing look to the site. For this year a number of annuals were placed in front of the bushes also bringing more colour to Main St.  And finally the corner near the light pole had new pavers installed to get anyone taking a shortcut from one Street to the other a marked path to use instead of  trampling the grass.  Some Marigolds were added to along the front of the site near the sidewalk.  These were taken from some of the large planter already on W. Main St. Isabel Bustamante from Bogota Beautiful explained that the  Marigold were used originally because they grow in a way that will allow them to be divided at a future time.  No only did this save some money for the group, but also give the site , and the exciting planters a unified look  along W. Main St. 
   There was original planning of adding a bench to the site, but that idea was changed due to the limited space available, and public safety.  That bench will be incorporated into a future project near the World War I Memorial at the corner of W. Ft.Lee Rd & River Rd. 
    For more information about  this and other Bogota Beautiful project,  how to volunteer with, or to donate to Bogota Beautiful please visit their website at:

 The old look

Bogota Beautiful's Amaru Bustamante (L) & owner Peter Thanasoulis
discussing what needs to be worked on. 

Mike Leong 

John Fowler, and a trophy

 Joe Gallagher 

 Clearing space for a new path..

.. with Parker giving it a test.

Amaru Bustamante tilling the space...

... for a future planting.

The Volunteers showing off their work

 After being refurbished

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