Monday, February 8, 2016

Dance to the beat

8- February-2016

   On Saturday 6- February the Bogota Cheerleaders host a "Dance to the Beat" evening. This event was a fundraising event  to help the " Go Red Foundation" which is working to reduce the impact of heart disease.  This has held in remembrance of Julio Alvarez, his is the Uncle of Varsity Cheerleading Coach Gabrielle Carpenter who succumbed to heart disease last year. The dancing took place in Speary Gym of Bogota High School which allowed for a large number of dancers to take part. Along with the change for dancing,there were also a number of tables were set-up to help promote a healthier life choices. The main activity was a group dance workout  led by Nina Setia of Together We Fit of Teaneck, NJ.  The instructors led the participants in a various dance styles for Zumba, to international.  Dancers included members of the Bogota Cheerleaders, Family, Friends. and others interested in showing their support. Bogota Councilwoman Daniele Fede, and Board of Education Members Consuelo Carpenter and  Amanda Montgomery were also in attendance.   Councilwoman Fede also match the contributed raised by the Cheerleaders in honour of her Father, who passed away from heart disease three years ago and in honour of Mr. Alvarez. There was also a competition performance by the the Bogota Varsity Cheerleaders.
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