Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Crock Pot Cooking

   On Tuesday 22- February the Bogota Public Library held a workshop on  Crock Pot Cooking. This was given by Denise Roberts who explained simple rules and  tricks to making a successful slow cooker meal.  The purpose of slow cooking to to make a healthy and tasteful meal ahead of time without feeling  rushed while doing it.  Ingredients can be assemble a day before, then added to the pot in the morning and cooked all day ready to be served at dinner time.  Recipes can also be made in a pot that can also serve as the serving bowl for less clean-up, or event a buffet style party.
  Ms Roberts proved a booklet of basic meals that will work in a slow cooker both with a meat protein, or of the meatless variety. She also included a shopping list of different ingredient that can be used, and the knowledge that any personal choice by the chief is always operate.  Ms. Robert prepared two dishes. one with chicken , the other with a black bean base to show how all dietary option  can be made.

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