Friday, February 12, 2016

Henna workshop


   On Tuesday 9-February  the Bogota Public Library held a  Demonstration of the art of Henna. This was given by Hayat Gul, and Henna artist  out of Hoboken. She talked about how henna was first used as a skin, or hair treatment  in North Africa over 6,000 years ago.  Henna would be use to treat some skin disorders such as the removal of warts. Or used in a person's hair to prevent , or remove live.  During the Bronze Age, in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Subcontinent of India, henna started to be use for personal ornamentation.  The use of henna is now used  as body decoration for traditional ceremonies and personal decoration.
   The henna is applied in paste form and needs three to four hours untouched in order to bring out the full colour on a person's skin.  As the pastes drys it will start to flake off normally. Henna also cools the skin area and can have a calming  affect on the wearer.
   Ms. Gul, while talking about the properties of henna continued to decorate any of the attendees who wished to be given a design on themselves.
  To learn more about the Art of Henna design you can visit Ms. Gul website at:

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