Monday, February 20, 2017

Library Tree


   At the end of the International Pot Luck Luncheon, held at the end of January, Bogota Public Library Director Radwa Ali announced the plan to name the Library's Children area in honour of Nikki Spiegel. As part of this idea, Ms Ali also talked  of a plan to crate a special reading spot in the front of the library. The goal is to convert one of the  columns into an indoor tree so children can have a shaded place to read. This would combine Ms Spiegel's passion  for reading and learning, with her love of nature. By the time of the Luncheon work  started to begin on the tree. The front column had reinforcements done to its corners in order to allow the column to start becoming a tree. In the following weeks there was the addition of  support structure and wood to turn the square column into the round trunk of the new tree. Over the Presidents day weekend a couple layers of concert were added to make a solid outer layer, which will be able to stand-up to wear and tears of daily use.  This is a foundation to give the tree an more natural look. There was an number of tubes added to the top of the tree which will become the location of branches. These will be for the  leaves to form a canopy over the readers. The next step is to sculpt the bark, and add other features into the tree followed by painting and more decorations to create a indoor natural setting.
  To help cover the cost of this project the Bogota Public Library has set-up a go fund me page at: .On this site there is as a video detailing the idea behind the Nikki Spiegel Storytime Corner and the vision that the Library has for its use. 

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Library Director Radwa Ali talking about her vision of the project

Tino Colasante adding the first coats for the "bark"

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