Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine Crafts


   On Saturday-11-February the Bogota Public Library host a Valentines Crafts workshop. This was held in the Bogota Senior Centre and allowed Students to make their own Valentines Day gifts. They had a choice from three different designs.  The project were a head made out of heart shapes. A candy coated graham cracker, or a heart made from coloured "O's" cereal.  Must Student tried their hand at all three projects and made them with the help of the Parents, Friends, or Library Volunteers.
 For the "Heart Head", a number heart shapes needed to cut out an glued together. Then the heads could be have plastic eyes applied, or be drawn on in order to complete the face.  For the graham cracker, eatable squares were first frosted with pink icing. Then the cracker was decorated with peppermints, and little red candy in the form of smiley faces, or just unique designs. The third project was to take a red fuzzy pipe cleaner and have it strung with the multi-coloured cereal which was then shaped into a heart.
    With all their project completed the makers were able to take their handy work home to give to their special Valentine. An snack on some left over candy.

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