Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vision Board

   On Thursday-23-February the Bogota Public Library held a workshop on how to make a personalized Vision Board. A Vision Board is a tool to aid an individual to focus on goals for a set period of time. The boards to be created  at this work shop were generally to assist with ideas for the rest of the year. The topic could be anything from financial, or business goals. Better health and eating habits, personal growth, of just a way to remind someone to do thing that they have been putting off. The attendees were given a large poster board and then the freedom to do what every they thought would be important for the rest of the year.
 The were lead by Library Assistant Denise Roberts who offer some ideas on how to start. She even talked about how a reverse idea could be made into a Vision Board. By this Ms. Robert said if there are habits or thought that a person wishes to discontinue over the coming year a board would be an idea way to remember on how to fix, or remove those problems confronting a person.  The board could be decorated in a number of ways. Added  photographs, or drawing a picture. Writing descriptive words and phrases to help a person keep their goals for the year. It was also important to realize  a board did not have to be totally finished in one evening , but can continue through out the year as the creator  of the board sees fit.

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