Friday, February 10, 2017

Lot "C"


     In Late January of this year the Hackensack City Council approved a plan to redevelop a parcel of land know as Lot "C". This is the parking lot between Bower City & The Ice House and  Foschini Park in Hackensack. This is border by Midtown Place, the Midtown Bridge access, and the Salem Ave Ext. The two side streets directly connect to W. Main St in Bogota when crossing the Lt William Ryan Memorial Bridge.  Lot"C" will be developed by Horn Rock Properties with the working title of "Park View". The site is a 4.3 acre of land currently own by the City of Hackensack, and is currently used as a parking lot for monthly permits, along with parking for Foschini Park, Ice House, and Bowler City. What is proposed is a two six story structures that will have space for 338 total units.  150 will be two bedrooms, 155 will be one bedroom, and 33 studio apartments. There will be  total spaces for  634 vehicles with 200 being set aside for public use only. Parking will be on the two lower levels with the apartment units on the top four floors. The lower level will be for public parking, and the second level for the resident with a gated entrance. Both the entrance and exit to all parking will be accessed from the East bound Midtown Bridge access.
   There will still be a turn around before the Ryan Bridge to allow traffic to travel west. This area will be expanded  into a green space with a new lawn, and possible outdoor dinning plaza. Between the two building will be another open space plaza with seating and other amenities.  Both open spaces will available for public use. There is also plans for a Community Garden and Kitchen. Two retail space are designed for the Building #1, which is the East Building closest to Bogota.  The site is current in the flood plan of the Hackensack River at a height  between 7 to 11 feet.  The developer excepts to grade the entire site to to 9 feet which would be out of the 100 year flood plan.  The developer is also expected to ask for a 30 year PILOT abatement for this development in the future. Final site plans still need to be review and approve by the Hackensack Planning Board.
   Some issued raise at the Hackensack City Council meeting was mostly concern with parking. The current parking lot is rated for about 500 spaces,  the Council noted that all the parking is not used at the same time. They continued to say that the monthly space are mainly used in the day for office worker, while the visitor parking for the Park and other business is  used in the evening and weekend. It was mention that a plan will need to be formulated about any events that take place in  Foschini Park, of most concern is the annual Fourth of July celebration there.
   The time table for this project is excepted to begin construction in 2018. The Borough of Bogota has announced that work on the rehabilitation of the Ryan Bridge is schedule to begin in 2017  and take 9 to 12 months to complete.  It was not announced if any upgrade to  W.Main that runs through Olsen Park will be included in that work.  At passed Bogota Council Meeting citizens have commented on if there is a possible of added safety measure to W.Main to insure the safe crossing of pedestrians especial Children crossing from the East part of Olsen Park to the Western section.
   At this time Horn Rock Properties or the City of Hackensack  have preform a traffic study of the area, but have planned to schedule one in the future.


design concept courtesy of the City of Hackensack

Looking West from the Ryan Bridge into Hackensack
Looking East to the Ryan Bridge

 Views of the site looking South from the Salem St. EXT.

Midtown Pl

Views  of the site looking North from Midtown Bridge approach.

Entrance to the Ice House looking East.

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