Friday, June 16, 2017

Academic Awards

  On Thursday-15-June Bogota High School hosted their Academic Awards for the school year 2016-17. This was presented in three different categories. First there was the awarding of Scholarships to members of the Bogota  Seniors of the Class of 2017. Different scholarships were awarded based on several criteria. Some scholarships were  given to recognizing those Students achievements  based on academic performance. Others were for those Students who will enter a next level of studies for their chosen Trade or Field of Interest. Different scholarships were also awarded to honour the Students who  used their time and effort to work as volunteers for the Community, and service to others.
  The next category was the Athletic Awards. These were based on those Seniors who achieved high standards in both Academic and Athletic performance. The third part of the ceremony honoured Students in all grades from Seventh to Twelfth who performed at the highest standard in each of the Educational Departments. Those include Physical Education, Science, English, Mathematics, Social Studies, Business, and the Fine Arts.
  The final award was the Principal Award for Service. Each year on Senior member of the graduation class is  recognized for their outstanding service to the Community and School. This year's winner was Jaclyn Villafuerte

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