Friday, June 23, 2017

Class of 2017

   On Thursday -22-June 85 Seniors became the 90th Graduating Class of Bogota High School.  On a steamy bright early evening Family and Friends gathered at Feigel Field to be apart of these Student next step in life.  The graduating class, led by Principal Damien Kennedy and other members of the school administrator, walked in pairs to the applause of the audience.  As they passed through the Family section they split into two groups flanking the main stage.  After the flag salute, and  the Nation Anthem  Principal  Kennedy welcomed the attendees. Next Superintendent Dr. Vincent Varcadipane  addressed the Seniors  asking then as the move on in life  the importance of not just being a success in making a living, but to reach out beyond one's self  to have a fulfilling life and to assists those around you. 
   Then Principal  Kennedy introduced the Salutatorian Leah Pimentel. Ms Pimentel thanked her classmate not only for sharing their Senior year together, but in embracing her as a member of the Borough. She told of how her family moved to Bogota as a seventh grade student. Worrying that she may have been cast as "The New Kid" she was excited by the openness her new classmates would show her and welcomed her, and her Family as a part of the Bogota Family. Ms Pimentel continued to talk about how her, and her classmate will now be  "The New Kid" but with a knowledge that it will only be a part in exploring the next chapter of their lives. 
  Next was a musical selection " Exaltation" played by the Bogota Concert band under the Direction of Mr. Barry McCann. This was followed by the Keynote address by Bogota High School Graduate, and Former Bogota School teacher Ms. Lydia Gilbert. Her main point was that of acknowledgement. Her meaning was to show the importance of allowing other to be themselves, along with allowing each person to be who they truly acknowledge themselves as well.  One of her examples was from her son Andrew, Bogota Class of 2012. After graduation Mr. Gilbert joined the U.S.Marine Corp. He is still serving overseas, and shared a story with his Mother. It was how Andrew had aided a fellow Marine who needed someone to confide in. It was not a big gesture, just simple act of one person taking the time to listen to another. The story continued when month later it was Mr. Gilbert's turn to be in need of someone. The same Marine who needed comfort early had come to return the favor. Ms Gilbert message was that not only is it important to treat a person they way you  would like to be treated. But to act towards other in a manner of you would like them to act towards you.
   Next came the Valedictory address by Kelly Cuzo. She spoke in a poetic form telling about how she had grown from a shy and quiet girl, to a proud and confident Student. She talked about the experiences at school, and home allowed her to express herself and with that to enjoy the time spent as part of the Class of 2017.  After Ms Cuzo speech the Bogota Choir, under the direction of Ms Andrea Lynch performed "Home" from the The Wiz.
  Finally Principal  Kennedy presented the Seniors of the  Bogota Class of 2017 to School Board President Charles Severino for his approval. With this the Women and Men were awarded their Diplomas. This was followed by Class President  Sarah Williams leading the Seniors with the Ephebic Oath. Then Ms. Williams announced a gift of $500 to the school to be used for the School's garden before the singing of the Alma Mater. Ms. Williams performed one last duty and led her Classmates in moving their tassels from the right to the left.  With that the Bogota Senior Class of 2017 became the latest graduated Class from Bogota High School.

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