Saturday, June 10, 2017

Arts Finale

   On Friday-9-June the Schools in Bogota celebrated the final day of  "Week of the Arts". At both Bixby and Steen Schools  the Students were exposed to a variety of activities and events which highlight what all forms of Art is available.  There were special class which allowed the Student to express themselves. And others showing how to include an artistic touch in everyday life.The Student also experienced live performances from ethnic dance troupes, to members of Symphony Orchestras. Including  performances by the Bogota High School Drama Dept. and Jazz band.
   At Steen School the final event started with a presentation  of some highlight from the past five days. The Students laughed and clapped at the images that reminded them of the fun they have had. The also cheer when fellow Student and Teachers were shown.
   The end of the assembly was a performance by "Scarlet Wind" This was a quartet lead by Bogota Music Teacher Mr. Mike Webb.  Mr. Webb played the Bassoon with Alex Burke on Flute, Ryan Sauer on Clarinet, and Kelly Larkin on French Horn.  This featured the sounds of the woodwind family in the Orchestra.

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