Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Week of the Arts

  On Monday-5-June the Schools of the Bogota Public School district started their week of the Arts celebration. On  this Monday Morning Students from the  Bogota High School Fine Arts Dept performed at,Steen School.  All of the grades at Steen assembled in the Gymnasium to listen different styles of music, First, the High School Choir sang a number of songs to start the show. Next there was a  performance from was the cast from this years spring musical "Little Shop of Horrors". The three songs chosen showed the younger Students on how a story can be told through the use of song.     The final performance was the Bogota High School Jazz band  which showed the different types of styles and sounds  from the various types of instruments. Band Director Mr Barry McCann had his musicians raise their instruments so the Students could see what the look like. From Woodwinds, to Brass, to percussion the band played a different piece to highlight each type of instruments.  The last song performed allowed the Student a chance to get up and dance. As the Steen Students began moving they were joined by their Teachers, and the High Schoolers to dance the morning away. This was repeated at Bixby School in the Afternoon, so they could end their school day with music.

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