Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fine Arts Awards

   On Wednesday-14-June the Bogtoa Department of Fine Arts held their annual Awards dinner. This is to recognise and honour the Students of Bogota High School for their artistic talents in the 2016-17 school year. Awards were given in Choir, Band ( Marching, Concert,& Jazz) the Drama Dept, Color Guard & Twirling. Before the ceremonies began attendees could view the number of First place won by the Bogota Colour Guard, Twirlers, Concert Band, and Jazz Band  from various competition throughout the current school year.
   Choir Director Ms Andrea Lynch, at her first Bogota Arts Dinner, handed out certificates to those choir members who sang in both the Winter and Spring Concerts. Next Colour Guard,  & Twirlers Head Coach Lessie Baker presented  certificates and varsity letters to to her squad members. Then Band Director Mr. Barry McCann would recognize the members of both the Concert, and Marching band. Concert members would receive a certificates  while those also members of the marching Band will also be award a uniform pin. later in the program Mr. McCann would acknowledge his Senior Band members and the High School Jazz Band.
  Drama Director Ms Sabina Albirt present the Drama Club awards  for the Actors in both Fall Dramatic play and the Spring musical. This year those awards included members of the Glam Squad, Costuming and Stage Crew.  Then Ms.Albirt inducted eight new members to the Bogota Chapter #6085 of the International Thespian Society. This year there were both Students who worked onstage, or backstage that were invited to join ITS.  Finally Danny Rivera, and Noah Gittleman were present Lifetime achievement awards for their appearing in, or working on, all 12 major productions available during their six years of attending Bogota High School.
   The final presentation was that of announcing the Drum Major for the Marching Buccaneer Band during the 2017-18 school year. With the assistant of current Drum Majors Samantha Cintron, and Angela Gonzalez. Mr McCann announced that Anglie Jaipersaud would be the new Drum Major for the Band.


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