Friday, June 9, 2017

Steen Wax Museum

  On Thursday-8-June the Third Grade Class of Steen School held their annual Wax Museum presentation.  Students from Ms. Piano, and Ms Cataldi classes dressed in period costumes based on their reading assignment of famous people throughout history.   The subjects covered a wide range of the history of the world.  Figures representing Sports Stars such as Jackie Robinson, & David Beckham, to entertainers from Mozart, and Houdini to Rita Moreno.  Scientists and Explorers from Jane Goodall,  Amelia Earhart, and Albert Einstein   to both Orville & Wilbur Wright to Steve Jobs. Political  leaders dating back to Cleopatra, to Abraham Lincoln to John Kennedy. Along with  social reformers including  Harriet Tubman,  Cesar Chavez, and Martin Luther King Jr.
   The museum was place in the Steen Garden were visitors were free to explore any part of history they desired. The guests needed to push a large button on the character which would be the wax figure to life. The visitor was then was told what this person has done to earn their place in history. With a second push of the button a brief background of the figures personal history was given.

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