Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Board Of Education

    On Tuesday 27-June the Bogota Board of Education held its second meeting for the month of June. This was held at Bixby School due to work being performed on Speary Gym.  Before the start of the meeting  Ray Pinney of the New Jersey School Boards Association presented Board Members Kathy Van Buren and Charles Severino  with commendations for their years of service to the Bogota Board Of Education.  
  Next  two representatives of  Solutions Architectural firm gave a presentation about possible project the board is considering.  The first was the redesign of the parking lot in front of the High School. This plan would have three parking areas. The current spaces in at Palisades Ave. A new middle level which currently has a lawn area, and an expanded upper area with two handicapped spaces near the entrance to the gym.  There would be a total of 60 parking spaces and two additional handicapped spaces. The drop off area would be relocated between the lower and middle areas with a loop drive which would  allow cars to turn in from Palisade Ave and would incircle the lower area and exit via Henry Luthin Drive.   This would allow the existing drop off  loop to be replace additional parking , a small lawn, and new signage.  With the loop gone more parking may be added to the curve near the Board of Education Building along with a wider roadway to allow deliver, and emergency vehicles access to the upper level.  A second sidewalk would be added to the southern edge of the parking lot for pedestrian traffic.  New retaining walls will allow for grading of the front lawn,  with new steps and more and newer street lights.  The grades of the lower, and upper areas will remain the same, with the middle area being slightly more level.
   There was no timetable for work to start and is dependant on unities and board approval.
   Two other projects were presented which would refurbish the Field House and unused snack bar at Feigel Field. The cost of these project was question by the board considering the relative age (only three years) of the field house. Superintendent Dr. Vincent Varcadipane called on Athletic Director Brad DiRupo for his opinion. Coach DiRupo expressed his views that the  little amount of  improvement that would occur would not be worth the amount it would cost.  The Board did not vote on any of these project at this meeting would focus on the parking lot as most needed. 
   One Parent asked the Board if additional crossing guards, of Police Officers could be assigned to assist with traffic control. Not only when the project was completed but for the upcoming school year. She was informed that  Crossing guards come under jurisdiction the  Bogota Borough Council and invited her to address the Council with her concerns.
   The major decisions on the agenda item  was the hiring of a new Science Teacher and a new Business Agent. Another item was the elimination of the position of Director of Curriculum starting with the 2017-18 school year. 
  The next Board of Education meeting is schedule for Tuesday-29-August. Due to ongoing construction at the High School no location or time had been announced.

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