Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Election Results 2017

   The results from the New Jersey General Election held on Tuesday-7-November-2017. As of 11:45 p all 6 district in Bogota have been account for. In the State and County election all have at least 70% of the vote counted. Final numbers may change once the State Board of Elections has certified the vote.
   For Bogota Borough Council both Incumbent candidates won re election. Councilwoman Mary-Ellen Murphy collection a high of 977 votes. She will now serve a full three year term. Councilman Tom Napolitano received 973 votes. He will serve his second three year term.  For the second straight year the Bogota Council will be split with three Republicans and three Democrats. It will also be  have three Women and three Men serving as council members.
  For the Bogota Board of Education Incumbents Jim Moore and Pat McHale won reelection. Mr. Moore received a high of 569 vote. First time candidate Maureen Miller received the second highest with 553 votes and won the third seat available. All seats are for a three year term. 
  For New Jersey Governor,  Democrat Phil Murphy has won by just under a 15% margin. He will be joined by Sheila Oliver as Lt. Governor
   For the New Jersey Legislature in the 37 District for Senate, Incumbent Loretta Weinberg was reelected by a margin of over 50%.
In the 37 District for the General Assembly, Incumbents Valerie Huttle and Gordon Johnson won re election by a margin of over 23%
  For For the Bergen County Board of Freeholders, the Incumbents Joan Voss and David Ganz won reelection by a 7% margin
  For the ballot questions 
    Question #1: To authorizing the state to issue $125 million in bonds to provide grants to public libraries.   This was approved by almost a 2-1 margin
    Question #2: Revenue from Environmental Damage Lawsuits Dedicated to Environmental Projects. This was approved by almost a 3-1 margin

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