Sunday, November 19, 2017

Junior Bucs Football

   On Friday-17-November the Junior team of the Bogota Jr Buccaneers would play the Englewood Jr Raiders in the BCJSFL Championship game. This was played at Weehawken Stadium. Bogota would enter the game as the #2 seeded team with a record of 7-1. Their only loss for this season game at the hands of the same undefeated Englewood team. Bogota need to call up Hamlet Garcia to replace Aaron Perez who suffered a upper body injury  in the Semi-final win over Ridgefield.  Bogota would be led by Michael Olivo scoring all three touchdowns for Bogota.  The Bogota defense would hold the Jr Raiders scoreless including key stops inside the Bogota 5 yard line. Mr Olivo and Ava Muia would make keys plays in keeping Englewood out of the end zone.  This was capped by Hamlet Garcia forcing the Jr Raiders quarterback from converting a 4th down 1 play to preserve at 22-0 shutout victory. This was the first title win by and Bogota team since joining the BCJSFL four years ago.

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photos courtesy of Michael and Trina Olivo 

file photos 

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