Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Parade

  On Tuesday-31-October the Steen and Bixby school held their annual Halloween Parade for the Students. In the morning, at Steen, all the grade assembled in the playground the marched pass the Judges so that each class could show off their costumes. Awards would be given to the best class participation and best costume.  After the judging all the class paraded from the school to W. Ft Lee rd, along River Rd, and back up W. Main St in order to show off their creativity to all the Parent who came by to watch.
  At Bixby School the Student gathered in the courtyard after lunch before they paraded around the neighborhood. While the Student assembled a sinister figure appeared on top of the school. The Riddler had shown up to disrespect the festival.  Then Batman arrived to lead the Students in letting the villain know the importance of friendship, and respect. Soon Batman, with the assistance of the Bogota Police Dept., apprehended the Riddler and restored respect to the school.  Then the classes were free to parade around the block showing off their costumes along the way.

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