Thursday, November 16, 2017

W.Main St


   On Thursday-16-November work crews from Suez water start repair work on the water main under W. Main St. This is to upgrade the existing water main to one that will be able to handle a larger capacity.  The work will mostly take place in the west bound lane, which will be closed to traffic and parking during work hours. The eastbound lane will remain open when possible, with some parking still available.  the work zone will be from Elm Ave to Larch Ave. There is a possibility  that both lanes may be subject to closure. Work is scheduled for the next few weeks with no definity time table set. The length of the project is subject to weather conditions, and the condition of the existing water main and other utilities in the work zone. Work is scheduled to take place on weekdays from 6:00a to 4:00p with traffic being restored during off hours.
  The eastbound detour will be to turn right onto Elm Ave. a left onto W. Broad St. a left onto Larch Ave. with a right turn back onto W.Main St.

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