Saturday, November 18, 2017

Ryan Bridge Update


 Since March of 2017 the Ryan Memorial Bridge has been closed for replacement. Originally scheduled for completion in Late October or early November, the current timeline has an been unofficially changed to late December. In May of 2017 the last of the 117 year superstructure and deck beams were removed. This allowed crews accesses to the support piers. Both anchorages on the shoreline and piers number 1, 3,&4 were trimmed and  refurbished.  In September the piers and anchorages had fully cured and ready to accept the first of the new deck beams to be installed. Spans # 4&5, leading from the Bogota side were added and planked so that crews could begin work on the old centre pivot pier. A coffer dam was placed around the centre pier and was drained to allow preparing that pier for reconstitution. In November the form for the cap of the centre pier was installed to accept the concrete. The centre pier will still be circular in shape, but will be fixed in place. Since the Ryan bridge had its mechanisms in 1984 it will no longer operate at a swing bridge. While work continues on the centre pier crews have installed support beam for span  #1 from Hackensack, and started work on the sidewalk on the south side of the bridge.


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