Thursday, March 8, 2018

March Snow

 On Wednesday-7-March yet another Winter Storm effect much of New Jersey and the East Coast.  This forced the precautionary closing of Schools, Business, and Government Offices, allowed workers to clear roads with less traffic.  In Bogota minor damages from falling tree branches and snow covered power lines where fortunately more of an inconvenience. One incident was the Bogota Recuse Squad removal of a fallen tree on Elm Ave resulting in damaged to a couple of houses and the cars parked in the driveway. The Recuse Squad quickly compacted the hazard and will be fully remove later.
  As morning rose the following days roads were clear and passable, but with the possibility of ice and snow falling as temperature rose. Of course W. Ft Lee rd was closed due to flooding  with parts roadway still  under water even after the county "repairs" from last year. The property of the future River Club project and business on the north side were still free of water and were able to be open.
  A forecast from the National Weather Center  calls for mostly clear sky for the next few days, with temperatures ranging from mid 40's in the day time to mid 20's at night. The next possibility of precipitation will be on Sunday Night into Monday with a 40% of snow before noon then changing to rain as the temperature rises.  For more weather information please go to:

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