Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Police Aid

      In late , January of 2018 , Congressman Josh Gottheimer joined with Bogota Police Chief Daniel Maye to announce that the town received equipment valued at $241,849.15 through the federal program Law Enforcement Support Office (LESO). This is a Federal program started in 1997 that allows local law enforce departments to have excess military equipment transfer to their jurisdiction. The Bogota Police Department is using this program to supplement their inventory with this  new equipment. Some of the most recent acquisitions have been items that will allow the Dept. to best use the equipment they have already purchased. One item was the a newer, stronger bank of lockers to safely secure the larger fire arms used by the Police Officers. Another group of items were kits at included stronger bullet proof vests, and included medical and first aid supplies all contented in a backpack that can be deployed with an officer when needed. These will become needed during a more serious active crime scene, if it should arise. Some of the Police Deptpartment's new equipment ranges from small, but useful items such as small wearable flashlights & folding multi tools tools, extra medical supplies, including extra gauze, bandages and tourniquets. Other items  are more powerful sights for fire arms along with heat sensitive & night vision equipment, which can be use to find victims in smoke condition at night. 
    Some of these acquisitions are used for maintenance and repair, they have obtained a new compressor system and work station which will allow the officers to clean, fix and refurbish much of their equipment in house. This will reduce the cost and time such equipment may be needed to kept out of duty. While many  Law Enforcement agencies have used the LESO program to obtain “ Big Ticket Items” Bogota is using this to keep the  Department inventory current and in good working order. This allows them,  as Police Chief Daniel Maye says “ To stay ahead of the needs to help ensure the safety of Bogota  Citizens. Instead of  only being able to react to a situation” 
  Another  project the Bogota Police are working on is to join the Bergen County Chapter of Crime Stoppers.  Other Police Dept belonging to this group are from Hackensack, Teaneck, Bergenfield, and Englewood. Once the Bogota application is approved  this will  be a continuous line of Police Department, with in Bergen County, that will all be able cooperate, share resources, and information that may led to the arrest and conviction of suspects.  Crime Stoppers is a non-profit organizations, led by citizens  to aid in the reduction of crime in the area it serves. The Crime Stoppers’ programs offer cash rewards to persons providing anonymous information that leads to the felony arrest of criminals and fugitives. Information is received through anonymous Crime Stoppers tips that are received through a secure tips line or through a secure web connection manned by a professional program coordinator. Each caller is assigned a code number for the purpose of ensuring anonymity.  This will give the Bogota Police an outlet to obtain more information on solving crime as well the opportunity to better assist other police Departments. The phone number to report any tips to Crime Stoppers is: 844-466-6789
   One more project that is being implemented is a integrated security system for the protection of Borough owned properties. This will encompass Borough Hall, including the Public library and Senior Centers. The Police and Fire Dept building. The Bogota Recreation Center and the Garages of the Dept of Public Works. This will allow all theses build  to be connected to a Central monitoring system at police headquarters. One benefit is a one button system to secure for all properties in the advent of a emergency situation.  When the system is activated the Bogota police will have real time views  both inside and outside the property effected.  This will also allow responding Officers to have a live feed  in order to evaluate the situation before they need to engage. This is the same system that was presented to the Board of Education at a recent meeting. When the system is fully operational all the Public School buildings and all other Public building in the Borough will be covered and monitored by the Police if needed.  Another part of this system will give real time noticed to the public on the status of the situation, where and when resident should go to either gather safely, or to meet other members of their families  in an controlled environment.  Chief Maye is optimistic that all this program will be in place soon and assure the Resident of the  Borough that their safety a top priority of the Police Department.  

photo courtesy from the office of Congressman Josh Gottheimer

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