Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Fence Weaving

 On Monday-25-February the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation ( NNJCF) hosted a Connect the Dots events in conjunction with Bogota Beautiful. This was held in the Bogota Recreation Centre as part of one of its  ArtsBergen project.  The topic of this meeting was to discuss a fence weaving installation as part of the annual Bogota Earth Day to be held on 4-May. ArtsBergen works with local communities groups to help to promote local artist to create public art in towns with in Bergen County. This project will be the first time ArtsBergen  has sponsored a project in Bogota.  The purpose of this meeting was to introduce the scope of the installation, and the artist to the public, along with receiving input of what the finish production should look like. The meeting was attended by approximately 35-40 people, with some from Bogota, and others from communities around Bergen County. There was a mixture of age group attending from School Students to Senior Citizen. Some local Artist and others who want to encourage and support Public art in the County.
  The meeting opened with Maureen Vanacore from the NNJCF welcoming those in attendance and explain the goals ArtsBergen and what they do. Ms Vanacore explain that one goal of the NNJCF was to promote programs that will allow to a growth in community pride. As well was build a stronger and more vibrated arts sector in the towns that work with. Ms. Vanacore then introduce Bogota Beautiful Chairperson Amaru Bustamante to the crowd. Mr. Bustamante thanked everyone for attending and welcome those from out of town to Bogota. he talked about this years Earth Day event will consist of and felt that this project will work well with Earth Day, but also could be a of the Bogota 125th Anniversary Celebration. The location of the fence weaving is to be the fence of  The Vincent Sculley softball field  that faces W.Main St. in Olsen Park. This spot was chosen  for a number of reasons, being in Olsen Park it will be near many of the Earth Day activities. It is also along the main thought fare from Bogota, and Eastern Bergen County to Hackensack across the Ryan Memorial Bridge. Mr. Bustamante thoughts were the of a connective path from Bogota to the rest of Bergen County. Then he introduced Lead Artist Katherine Daniels who has install other such art projects around the area, and other parts of New Jersey.  Ms. Daniels explained what type of fence weaving she has done in the past. She also showed the type of material that will be used during this installation. The main material that will be used. The chosen media is colour vinyl ribbons that will be interwoven into the space of the fencing, and secured by plastic ties. For this project ArtsBergen will be working with Bergen Technical High School to create 3-d printed "embellishments" that will be placed withing the design itself. Ms Daniels echoed Mr. Bustamante thoughts of forming a path within the design to connect the patterns together which will provided a cohesive final work of art. 
  After answering a some question by the audience templates of a fence pattern, and markers where handed out so everyone could draw and image of what one could look like with a design of their own. The fence in Olsen Park is a standard chain linked fence that is eight feet tall. Each section is six foot wide, between post, and has a horizontal support pipe at the four foot height, So one template page with be one 4 foot by 6 foot section of fence section. The installation will start at the sign at the driveway into the park  and extend along W. Main St towards  Ryan Bridge until the service entrance to Lady Buc Field. This is a length of over 100 feet. The attendees were given about 45 minutes to make their own designs for a section of fencing. At the end of the creating process Katherine Daniels showed some of the designs to the group. The artwork varied from symmetrical patterns with the different colouring, to designs of stylized object ranging from  Snakes, Birds, and Fish.  Some other designs included,  were Plants, Trees, and Flowers. Others were more detailed showing human interaction, Building and hopeful expressions, including a reference to Bogota's 125th  Anniversary. Then Ms Daniels took photos of the images so she could now incorporate them into a unifies piece of art.
   The next meeting for this fence project will be on Thursday-11-April. This will be held at the Bergen Technical High School Maker's Space located at 190 Hackensack Ave Hackensack, NJ . This will start at 6:00p and run until 8:00p. The main focus of this workshop will be on the designing  and creating the   3-d printed "embellishments" to be added to the fence weaving. This is open to the public even if they did not attend the 25-February event.  
  For more information about this art project please contact  Bogota Beautiful at  at: http://www.bogotabeautiful.com/  or email them at:  bogotabeautiful@gmail.com
Or by contacting the Northern New Jersey Community Foundation at: www.nnjcf.org

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Maureen Vanacore from the NNJCF

Bogota Beautiful Chairperson Amaru Bustamante

Lead Artist Katherine Daniels 

Maureen Vanacore,(L) Danielle DeLaurentis
Katherine Daniels & Amaru Bustamante

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