Saturday, March 30, 2019

Selling on Ebay

 On Thursday-28- March the Bogota public library hosted a workshop on how to sell on Ebay. This was presented by Rick Feingold  who has been trained as an Education Specialist by Ebay. To start the program Mr. Feingold gave a brief history of the company and it’s core values. Which is “People are basically good” 
 His first lesson was that if anyone want to buy or sell they must first create an Ebay account. And to sell a PayPal account should also be created. PayPal is the recommended way to receive payment s from items sold on Ebay.  PayPal accounts may also be used to pay for items bought on Ebay.  Both companies will charge a fee on transaction through Ebay. Ebay has a 10% fee, and PayPal a 2.9% and $0.30 fee on domestic sales. 
  Mr. Feingold next talked about what type of items are recommended to sell on Ebay. Items that are in new or very good condition, owned by the seller, and can be easily shipped. Brand named items, Electrons, some high end items, collectibles and antiques that can be authenticated are historically good items to sell. He then went over what could make an effect selling store. These included the use of useful Titles of what type of items a seller will have available. Along with description of the item being offer with keywords of the item in the description. Keywording is important so that  the right words will show up in the search box. And the items using those words will appear higher on the listing page. Photos of the item to work with the description  is also highly recommended. Clear well in focused photos on a neutral background is preferred. Multiply photos of an item is useful as well.   There was also an explaining of the different type of ways to sell an item. This ranged from Buy It Now function, to setting up an online auction. Mr. Feingold mention the positive , and negative sides of the various selling options.
  There was a brief discussion about taxes, which starts at receipts of $20,000 or more on the federal level. An State sales tax when shipping items within the State  the account is based in. he also told of how to ship, and price items to include shipping cost by either by the US Postal System, or though Ebay itself. 
  When summarizing all these points Mr. Feingold suggests that setting up a selling site for just one item, and the lowest price possible, would be a good training exercise to get acquainted with the Ebay system. He also told the audience to take full advantage of the Ebay support phone number to help guide a new sell thorough the process.

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 ( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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