Thursday, August 8, 2019

Teaneck Night Out 2019

    On Tuesday -6-August communities across the country held their annual Night Out event. The Township of Teaneck had theirs at Votee Park. This was hosted by the Teaneck Police Dept. to reach out to the citizens they work for.  Members and equipment  from different departments  were on hand to allow the public to get a closer look. They also took the time to talk and answer questions. Along with the Police Dept members of the Teaneck Fire Dept. Ambulance Corp, & Units from the Bergen Country Sheriff Dept were on hand.  The Fire Dept. had  two demonstrations with the first one showing how they rescue a victim of a vehicular accident.  They extracted a victim from a wrecked automobile using different techniques and equipment.  Then the  Teaneck Ambulance Corp demonstrated how a victim is secured for transportation to a local hospital.  The second display was narrated by Teaneck Fire Chief Jordan Zaretsky. Chief Zaretsky talked about the importance of smoke  detectors , and having an escape plan in every type of building. He said especially private homes. While business and Apartments building are required to have a sprinkler system, private homes do not. 
  There were two sample room setup in front of the band shell to show this point. One had a sprinkler system added to it one did not.  Both rooms had a small fire started in them at the same time. After about 20 seconds the smoke detectors alarms sounded, and the sprinkler system engaged.  After just over 30 seconds the sprinkled room was starting to have the flames suppressed.  The other room was now filling with smoke and flames were beginning to take over the room. Not soon after that the smoke and flames had made the area un-survivable. Before three minutes had passed the room had flashed over destroying everything in the room. Then members of the Teaneck Fire Dept. extinguished  the flames.
   There were  a number of activities for the younger members of the Township. 
There were bounce houses, slides were set up to promote physical fitness. Along with a train ride to carry people around the park.  There was also the opportunity  to send a Police Officer into  a dunk tank. A number of local business offered face painting, food, games, giveaways in booth set up.  A number of community organizations including the Teaneck  Creek Conservancy groups, the Teaneck Library, the Boys Scout, The Girls and Boys Club, The Teaneck Chamber of Commerce, Teaneck Rotary and  Teaneck Rd Business Alliance and others offering information to anyone interested. 

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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