Saturday, August 17, 2019

Council Meeting

   On Thursday-15-August the Bogota Borough Council held their meeting for the month of August.  The meeting started with two presentation by Mayor Chris Kelemen. The first was to recognize the 100 Anniversary of the founding of the American Legion. Mayor Kelemen presented Francis Carrasco , Commander of the Lodi Post #136  a plaque  to commemorate  the found of the American Legion on 13- March-1919. Commander  Carrasco was joined by Bogota VFW Post  117 Commander Walter Croft in accepting the plaque from the Mayor. Then Mayor Kelemen was presented with an 100th Anniversary coin on behave of the Bergen County American Legion posts.
  Next Mayor Kelemen asked Patricia Morrone to step up in front of the Dias. Ms. Morrone  has recently retired at assistant to the Bogota Chief of Police.  She had been in that job for 18 years spanning three Police Chiefs. As a tribute to her service to the resident of Bogota, she was presented a Key to the City. 
  The majority of time for the rest of the meeting was dedicated to future agenda items and  other potential  government business.  The first was the report of the Borough Attorney’s finding about the video recording of the 6-June meeting. The Attorney stated that the editing of the video fall within the guidelines of the Open Public Meeting Law.  The main content of the meeting were in place and can be viewed by the public. There has been charges that content outside the Open Public Meeting Law limit has been edited.  The  Attorney said that the footage that is not the meeting  itself was subject to editing for space  considerations. 
  Then came a very long discussion of the need, location, cost, and design of a new Firehouse.   Please see related story at : Council Meeting 21-May-2019    The Mayor talked about a number of options. Some of these are purchasing land near the Teaneck border. Another was to purchase property that are now parking lots for private business'. And even swapping land into order to relocate a Borough Park to a new location.  Some of these ideas have been talked about at the committee appointed to look into a new Firehouse. Towards the end of this discussion an agreement was offered to present these on other plains to the  firehouse committee in order to find the best option. The top option would be presented to the public at a future council meeting. Then this will be a template for the architect to follow in order to created the best and most cost efficient design to vote on. 
    Bogota Police Chief  Daniel  Maye  answered Councils question on three items. One was the possible benefits of the acquisition of the bar at E. Ft. Lee Rd and Leonia Ave. This could have two positive impacts. One would be to remove a nuisance location which could increase public safety.  Another would give the Bogota Department of Public Works a more convent location to store equipment. The other item Chief Maye discussed was the changes to the Borough noise ordinance. One point would be violation time would be moved forward to 10:00p and other  small changes in the code.  The last item Chief Maye joined in on was to explain what could be included on a proposed  ordinance to regulate E-Cigarette and other electronic  nicotine delivery devices. 
  The last item to be discussed was the allow for the creation of a Bogota Created Arts team.  This was agreed to and will be vote on at a future meeting, then the members of that committee will then be appointed by Mayor Kelemen. 
  When the item on the consent agenda  was brought forward all items were passed. This also includes a Bond to be issued in order to provide funding for the renovation of the basketball  and tennis courts in Olsen Park. 
     The next Bogota Borough Council will be held on Thursday-5-September. This is scheduled to start at 7:30p, and be held in the Council Chambers located at 375 Larch Ave.  This meeting is open to the Public.
This meeting may be move to the Senior Center located on the second Floor above the Bogota Public Library. 

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( To help  support Bogota Blog NJ with it's coverage of Local stories & sports
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