Friday, June 4, 2021

Bogota Borough Council

     On Thursday-3-June the Bogota Borough Council held their first meeting for the Month of June.
     After Public Comments, the Council opened the meeting to public in-put on a proposed grant application to improve Firemen’s Park. This is the open space located at River Rd, and W. Ft. Lee Rd. It current is the site for a World War I Memorial, the Bogota Community  Garden and the location of the first Homestead in the Bogota area called the Achter Col Colony.  Plans are to upgrade the walkways, within the park, add a water outlet for the community garden and install a memorial clock.  
   The grant would be from the Bergen County Park Improvement Fund. The Borough would have to match the amount of money the grant would provide.  The public asked for some more details about the park improvement, and were told that there would no change to the existing   Street sidewalk plan, the park would end at the railroad track property, and a small road could be created to allow access to the Bogota Department of Public Work for landscaping, and members of the Community Garden. This application was passed by unanimous vote. 
   There was a discussion of the need to keep all information address in all Closed session meeting from being disclosed to the public until those items are to be voted one in a Public meeting.
  Then the Council voted  on the items of the consent agenda. These, and other items were were passed. Most by unanimous vote, or by only having one no vote. Items of note were the approving of grant to improve Palisade Ave. Another was allow for Borough to amend the building code to allow for the refurbishing of 31 Fairview so it can be used as office space for some of the Emergency Service  Department of Bogota.
   During committee reports a few item were moved to a vote. One was to authorize Bogota Department of Public Work  to install a LGTBQ+ pride flag in front of Borough Hall during the month of June.   For the time being it will be place on a unity pole on Larch Ave. Other items that were voted on was to authorize a  Part-Time position in the Borough’s Building Dept. This is to reduce the back-log of correspondence to that office, and to receive call in a more timely manner. Council also authorized the Borough Administrator to place ads in-order to hire:  A Full Time Technical Assistant to the Building Dept. Along with a Planning Board Secretary
    There next meeting will be on Thursday 17-June. This scheduled to start at 7:30p and be live on zoom. This is open to the public.    
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