Sunday, June 13, 2021

Arts Amble Bogota

 On Saturday- 12-June Bogota Bogota Beautiful and the Bogota Creative Arts team hosted the Bogota portion of the 2021 Bergen Arts Amble. This was held at the picnic pavilion in Olsen Park. Three artist from the Borough, Rita Flores, specializing in Digital Art, Joe Gallagher with a collection from his Cartoon series "Grib Notes" and Stephen Mazzella from Mazzway Photos displayed their work. They were joined by members from the Hackensack Art Club. Painters Betty LiBrizzi, Lisa Moran, Maria Teresa Oritz Naretto, and Monica Chavrria-Malin along with Illustrator Carlos DeOleo from Newark. 
   Ms. Chavrria-Malin  set-up her easel at one end of the space and started to paint some original works.  This allowed the visitors to view the creative possess as it happen.  Ms. Chavrria-Malin would also take a moment, or two, to discuss the steps she takes in painting and about her life as a painter. Mr. DeOleo also use the time to draw some more figures while guest had a chance to see figures emerge on the paper. 
   The artist were able to hang many works on the the fence around the Tennis Courts so that they can be viewed from different angle and distances. Much of the afternoon was spent with attendees walking from table to table  looking at what was on displayed. This allowed for a more relaxed atmosphere so that the various works could be studied and enjoy. And the artist could talk with the viewers to learn their thoughts on what they were seeing.  And the guest could learn about the art work, and the Artists themselves. 
  Creative Bergen sponsored the 2021 Art Amble. The events took place in many  communities  throughout Bergen County. This was a way in showcasing  the visual and performing artists, in their studios or a public space. It welcomed visitors from Bergen County, along with Northern New Jersey and New York to discover and support local artists.  The Arts Amble consisted of Artists' studios, galleries, exhibition and performance venues that opened their spaces for public viewing. The objective is to directly support Bergen County's art community by showcasing local art and artists.  Creative Bergen is working in cooperation with Sustainable Jersey, and Bergen County HUB  to promote the Artist community in Bergen County.
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