Saturday, June 19, 2021

Bogota High School Class of 2021

      On Friday -18-June 85  Seniors became the 94th Graduating Class of Bogota High School. 
This ceremony can be view at .This year the Commencement Ceremony was held on Feigel Field in the first large Public Event held in Bogota in 16 Months. High School Principal Ms. Kelly Foley DeCongelio welcomed the Family, friends and other members the Community. The evening started with Ms. Elsie Luque leading the Audience in the Pledge of Allegiance and in the singing of the National Anthem. Superintendent of School Mr. Damian Kennedy gave his message to the Graduating Seniors. He started  by telling them how he has watch them mature as part of the Administration at Bogota High School.  He cited the poem he has kept in his office.  The poem titled ‘The Bottom Line” which tells of how anyone can choose the path the they follow, or the future the live. But it must be done by that individual and not rely on other choosing it for them. He continued in saying that is never too late, or too early to work on anything  you desire. Only you change the situation you are in, and only you have the power to make your goals a reality.
   Then Principal DeCongelio introduced the Salutatorian  speaker Ms. Elsie Luque, she talked about the support she has had in her life. Talk about how Love  was a factor in allowing people to work through the current health situation. Love of Parents supporting their Children in all the activities and learning through-out their High School career. Love of the Teacher working hard teach their Students, and guiding them to become better than the day before. And Love  for each other in simple everyday experiences. Holding a door open when need. Cheering on a Classmate, and contacting a Friend to see hoe they are doing. 
  The Keynote address by Bogota High School Graduate,  Class of 2014 Ms. Izamar Plaza. She started by letting the Seniors know just a few years ago she was just like they are know. Excited for completing High School, but unsure what will happen next. Ms. Plaza talked being a good Student, and wishing for College but not seeing if it would be possible. With the help of the Counselors in the High School she was not only able to find a school, but also the Financial aide to be the first in her Family to Graduate college. This has led to accepting a job even before finishing her studies. She gave the advise that not only is it important to say the correct words when talking to everyone. It is even more important on how a person acts at the same time. Showing confidence in who you are, and what you want, is the best way for you to have success in life.
   Next came the Valedictory Address by Ms. Shahnaz Uddin. She gave and emotional speech about the past year and how it has an effect on her, and her classmate in general, and to her family personally. She would thank the Administration on what they did to support all the Students in Bogota. If it was a free lunch, even during Holiday Breaks, A little less homework allowed time off a computer that could be spent just relaxing. An extended time to finish a test, because of the need to have a part time job, or care for younger sibling. This little things helped in making the last year and half survivable. 
   Ms.  Uddin  continued in saying that some lessons learn were not in the classroom. Just because a person if not is not the best student, they will have other characteristic that are just as important.  A person need to stand up for themselves. She urged her Classmates to be the one to help solve some of the problems in today’s world. Climate Change, Racial Injustice,  and anything other problem that does not have a solution yet. 
   Finally she talked about how this year too many things had to be postponed. One of which was the happiness of being with Family and Friends.  She urged her classmates to not allow this to happen again. Look for the happiness in your life and do not miss a chance to enjoy it.   
   After  the  Valedictory Address the Bogota Choir members Ms. Emalia Samouhos and Ms. Elsie Luque sang “ Don’t Stop Believin”  in which some of the Audience, and Graduates joined in.
  In her address to the Senior Principal DeCongelio commended them for their achievement, but is sorry for  many of the out-of classroom moments that were taken away from them.  Hugs from Ms. Giaimo,  Animated History Lessons from Mr. Hughes, Jokes from Coaches, yells from Coach Mahoney, Lunch time with Mr. McCann, and Mr. Sterling. Life lessons from Dr. Alfonso, and Financially advice  from herself.
  She then gave some life lessons.  There will always be No’s in the future, they are not an ending, but a chance to make improvements. Always aim higher. Know the power you have in yourself. Find people who will want to be with you, for you, not for them. Accomplish at least one task a day no matter how small it may be. It could lead to others being done. Asking for help, this can show you are smart enough to get assistance to do things correct. And if life is not a challenge  and hard, you are doing it wrong.
  Finally Principal DeCongelio presented the Seniors of the Bogota Class of 2021 to School Board Vice- President Mr, Jose Chavez  his approval. With this acceptance, the Women and Men were awarded their Diplomas. Names of both the graduates in person, and on-line, were announced to the spectators. There was an extra mention of the Seven Students would be earning both a High School Diploma and an Associate Degree from Bergen Community College. After the last diploma was handed out Class Officers Ms. Carmen Cruz  and Ms Emely Recio lead the Seniors with the Ephebic Oath. Then Ms. Taylor Cabana and the other class officers announced that the gift the school by this years Class. This will be a sculpture  that will represent   learning.  Ms. Luque then led everyone in the singing of the Alma Mater. Ms. Cruz then performed one last duty and led her Classmates in moving their tassels from the right to the left.  With that the Bogota Senior Class of 2021 became the latest graduated Class from Bogota High School

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