Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Bogota High School Class of 2022

  On Friday 17-June the Bogota High School Class of 2022 held their Commencement Ceremony  on Feigel Field.  Principal Ms. Kelly DeCongelio welcomed the attendees to the  95th graduating class in the schools history. She also announced that this year there are 110 members of the Class of 2022. This marks only the second this Century that Bogota High School has graduated over 100 Students. 
  The program started with Valedictorian Ms. Kaylin Torres and Salutatorian Mr. Vincent DuCut leading the Flag Salute, then Ms. Nathaly Frias sang the National Anthem.  Superintendent of Bogota Schools Mr. Damian Kennedy address the Seniors. His analogy was of young Elephants  being trained to  accept a rope around their ankles to keep them leaving. This will keep them obedient when they grow older. Superintendent Kennedy asks the Students to not let anything  keep them from growing and exploring new ideas.  He would like the Student to use what they have learned and not be afraid of  make their own paths. 
  Salutatorian Mr. Vincent DuCut gave his address. He talked about the toughness of growing up in Bogota and how it helped him be a person. Then also talked how living in Bogota is something that should be appreciated. And also to take the time to cherish this moment and other times with Family and Friends. Mr. DuCut thanked his Teachers, Coached and Family and asked his classmate to use the toughness from Bogota  to help move forward in their life.
  This was followed by the  Bogota Concert Band playing “Crossroads”  This would be the final performance under the Dictator Mr. Barry McCann. 
  The Keynote Speaker was Ms. Jill Connolly Bogota Class of 2001 she told her time at Bogota and how it helped her in continuing her Education. And that  the same type of working hard approach to life, from Bogota, allowed her to find the career and life that she wanted. Part of that was to return to Bogota and help the Students in the Borough as a Councilor.  With this she explained she found that success is more than just money and things. She feels that is successful because of the work she has done in Bogota, and for the people in her like.
   Valedictorian Ms. Kaylin Torres first talked about the past few weeks of her Senior Year and  her Family. Thinking about her Family led her to use her address as a letter to her younger brother, and all the other Students, will soon attend Bogota High School. Ms. Torres told him that embrace the energy and friendship he will find at the High School. She said that the past few years were not the ones the Students wanted, but with the Teachers, Family, and Classmates, they were a time that made them stronger . She wishes that he will take the moment to enjoy his time and developed into an Adult at school. The Facility and Staff will be there to help, along with the spirit of the his Classmate that will support each other. She hopes he will enjoy his time in Bogota High School, as she did.
 Before the Diplomas were handed  the Bogota High School Choir sang " I Lived" under the Direction of Ms. Andrea Lynch. When all the Seniors received their Diplomas members of the Student Council lead the Graduates in the Ephebic Oath. Then they announced their class gift to the school will be two Cherry Trees for the School Garden. This will be named “Denise” and “Barry”  after Ms. Denise Giaimo and Mr. Barry McCann the two teachers who have retired this year. 
  Then Class President Mr. Vincent DuCut lead the Graduates in moving their tassels from the right to the left, then counted down for the cap toss signaling the they have become the latest Alumni of the Bogota High School.

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