Monday, September 25, 2023

Bogota Cross Country


 On Saturday- 23 September the Bogota Cross Country Bucs competed in the Magee Memorial Class meet. This was held at Greystone Park in Morris Plains NJ.  The format of this event was to have the runners from each grade run against each other.  Both the Women's and Men's squads took part. Lily Ojo, who placed 38th overall out of 129 entered, ran in the Freshmen race.  The Freshmen Men's Squad ran a full team and place 19th out of the 22 schools with teams entered. Raymond Ehrmann was the top Bogota runner with a 44th place finish from 213 runners. Also finishing were Jayden Inga in 56th, Ernesto Santana at 111th, Austin Schaeffer in 178th and Gavin Burnett at 207th. In the Sophomore race Ana Michel came in at 12th position out of 129.  Isabella Cruz placed at 41st, Kathleen Aparicio at 94th, and Laydin Cortorreal at 107th. In the Men's Sophomore race Emmanuel Marin finished 6th from 210 runners.  With Hussain Salam coming in at 35th, and Zohaib Syed at 38yh. Neither squad took part in the Junior Race. Isabel Michel finish 11th in the Senior Race from a group of 201 runners. The Men did not have a Senior runner. 
 Both squads next compete on Wednesday-27-September in Darlington Park at 4:00p

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photos courtesy of Mr. Pat Rochford

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