Thursday, September 14, 2023

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On Wednesday-13-September the Bogota Soccer Bucs traveled to Dwight- Englewood to play the Bulldogs. The home team would score five goals in the first half and added two more after the restart for 7-0 win. Bogota's record is now 0-3. They next play on Tuesday-19-September against Ridgefield on Zakrzewski Field in Olsen Park with a 4:00p Kick-off.
 The Bogota Cross Country Bucs Volleyball opened league season in Garret Mountain. Both the Women's and Men's squads competed against Cresskill, Ridgefield, Waldwick, and Weehawken. The Lady Bucs won against Cresskill 16-45, Ridgefield 16-46, Waldwick 18-41, and Weehawken 26-32.  Thier record is now 4-0. Bogota's Isabel Michel placed first overall. 
The Men's Squad won against Cresskill 22-33, Ridgefield 18-38, Waldwick 32-34, and Weehawken 19-38. Thier record is now 4-0 Bogota's Emmanuel Marin placed fourth overall. 
 Both squads next compete on Wednesday-20-September in Darlington Park at 4:00p

                                                   photos courtesy of Mr. Pat Rochford


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