Sunday, September 17, 2023

Bogota Football


  On Saturday-16- September the Bogota Football Bucs hosted the Manchester Regional Falcons. This was the Home Opener for the Bucs in Fiegel Field.  Bogota received the opening Kick-off and moved down the field.  Joseph Perpepaj passed to Michael Canada who ran the ball to the Falcons 10-yard line. The ball knocked out of the receiver's hand and rolled into the end zone.  Manchester's Xavier DeJesus picked-up the loose ball only to fumble it again. As the ball moved to the endline Bogota's Jayden Gonzalez cradled it in to record the major score. The extra point was miss giving the Bucs a 6-0 lead.  The Falcons scored on their opening drive from a 14-yard pass from Ashawn Johnson to Xavier DeJesus. An Amari Chestnut extra point gave the visitors a 7-6 lead. Manchester scored again on a 32-yard interception by Amari Chestnut, he then added the extra point to pull ahead 14-6. Bogota then came back with a 14-yard Touchdown pass from Ryan Lewis to Michael Olivo. When Justin Roca made the extra point, the lead was cut to single point.
  In the second 12 minutes Manchester's Ashawn Johnson scored from 2 yards out. The Bogota defense was able to block the point after attempt and trail only by the score of 20-13. 
  After the restart the Bucs' Christian Garcia grabbed the fumble ball from the starting kick-off to allow to quickly go on the offense. They converted this opportunity with a Jason Alvarado 21-yard touchdown pass from Joseph Perpepaj. When the extra point was missed, Bogota again trail by one point 20-19.  On the Falcons next possession Bogota's Jayden Gonzalez intercepted a pass in the end to stop the drive. The Bucs then march down the field ending with a Mr. Gonzalez finishing the drive with a 19-yard run into the left corner of the endzone. Joseph Perpepaj added the two-point conversion gave Bogota back its lead 27-20.  
  Bogota started the final quarter have possession of over seven minutes ended in a Joseph Perpepaj two-yard dive over the middle with a Justin Roca extra point making the score 34-20. Manchester Regional took the ball down the field once more. On the final play of the game Matt Heras intercepted a Falcon's pass in the endzone. Before the whistle sounded Falcon's Micah Soler took the loose ball into the endzone for the final score of the game. No extra point was tried giving the Bucs' a 34-26 win. Their record is now 3-0.
Joseph Perpepaj finished the day with 115 Yards Passing and 165 Rushing. He had 1 Passing Touchdown and 1 rushing. Jayden Gonzalez had 1 rushing and one recover Touchdown.  Michael Olivo and Jason Alvarado each had on receiving touchdown with Ryan Lewis also having on Passing Touchdown.
 They next play on Thursday-21-September at Elmwood Park with a 7:00p kick-off.

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(To help support Bogota Blog NJ with its coverage of Local stories & sports
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