Friday, August 16, 2013

Football Preseason 2013

  The Bogota Bucs High School Football held their first week of practice  to get ready for the 2013 season. The practice were split up into two different groups. In the morning the team would take part in weight training in the High School. They then spent the afternoon at Feigel Field working on plays, and techniques to be used in game action. Third year Head Coach Nick DeStefano, like many small school coaches, talked about the loss of a dozens Seniors from graduation, and how to replace them on the field. Looking  at his players practice wondering if he can get enough students to fill both an Offensive, and Defensive unit. Hoping the newer players can learn the skills quickly to contribute  to the team. Along with seeing that the young men in front of him can through the season safely.
 As the players ran blocking drills, and passing drills, and running drills, and drills to increase the players endurance Coach DeStefano just is waiting to his team into games that count.

 David Guddemi painting yard lines on the field.

Head Coach Nick DeStefano positioning his players where he wants them. 

Coach Sinclair  explaining the next drill.

One on one blocking drill.

 Coach Bryant  watching a blocking drill.

Coach DeStefano trying to get his defense to stop the pass.

The Offence trying to move up field.

The Defence  making an interception. 

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