Saturday, August 10, 2013

Steen Uniforms


The Steen School PTO starting a uniform trade in program for the student & parents who attend Steen School. Any item of the Standard uniform in good wearable condition will be accepted. These are pants & shirts of the Steen uniforms as well as the gym clothing.  This will only  be offered for Steen School. A vouchers with a trade-in value of $5 will be given for each item of reusable clothes donated. These vouchers can then be used to trade in for uniform items that will be the correct size for the student. The vouchers will only be good for others used items that are part of the Steen uniform code. Shirts, pants ( both long & short) ,and skorts along with approved gym clothing will be accepted for donation. Those same items will also be the only ones that a voucher will be able to be used for.  Steen " Spirit Wear" or fleeces are not eligible for this program.  All uniform items  must be freshly laundered, with no stains, rips, holes, discoloration, or frayed hems.  Members of the Steen PTO will determine if any item is suitable to be traded in. The vouchers may only be used to exchange for other donated uniform items. New clothes are not part of this voucher program.
   Donations should be  bagged with a donation form attached to the outside of the bag. The bags can be dropped off   in the main Office of Steen and at the monthly PTO meeting. The exchanges will take place at the conclusion of the PTO meeting. ( Meeting are the first Tuesday of the month.). For every one voucher, one piece of uniform may be selected. Vouchers will not be able to be used for fleece jackets. However some fleeces may be available for purchase at a cost of $10. Vouchers will expire at the end of the school year  June 2014.
  For more information on this program, or to obtain a donation form please contact Kristin Meberg at

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  1. In order to receive vouchers, a donation form MUST be attached to the donation bag. A Steen PTO officer will confirm your donation via email within 1 -2 business days. Vouchers can be picked up at the conclussion of every monthly PTO meeting or sent home with your child. No donation form equals no vouchers.