Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Steen Playground

   The next part of the sprucing up of the Steen playground will take place Saturday 17- Aug. starting at 9:00a.The PTO is looking for some volunteers on that day to help with the painting. They want to add a Hopscotch, and Foursquare boards to the playground, and redo the basketball court. The PTO is supplying the stencils, and paint, they now need anyone who would like to help finish the painting.  Earlier this Summer some volunteers from the Telephone Pioneers came in and painted the map of the United States on the playground. The PTO  is now adding some more elements to refresh the look of the playground before the next school year. 
 If anyone is interested to helping the PTO with the painting please contact either Please contact Kristin Meberg ( or Eileen Lewis (

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