Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Bucs Football

  This week marked the start of official training for the Bogota Football Buccaneers. The first few days will be light contact as Coach Nick DeStefano gets to know his players. At this time there are about 30 players in Camp with some not yet able to attend the workouts, while others may join the team  closer to the start of the 2014 season. Coach DeStefano also talked about being slightly inconvenienced without a working Fieldhouse to rest his players. In past season he could run two practices a day, this year he has opted for one longer practice session per day to to teach his team  as much as possible.  He, and his Coaches, stay more aware of how long each drill last in order for the players to get sufficient time to rest & rehydrate for their own safety.
  Another focus on these early drills is to make sure his players can work together , and fill any position that is needed.  With a small squad of players to choose from one, or two serious injuries affect the outcome of most of the season.

Coach DeStefano working on  the Defence.

Linebacker drills

Coach Montalbano working with the offence


With some lighter moments.

Resting between drills

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